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Here are some of our design & branding deliverables:

The web is a perfect medium for design. It's interactive, immersive, and it can add a lot of value to people's lives by informing and entertaining. We can help you bring your idea to life.

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Landing Pages

You may not need a full website at this stage of your business. Maybe you'd like to hold on to your domain name and just put up a nice picture, a phone number, and a facebook link. If so, a landing page is for you. It's the simplest form of website and acts like an electronic billboard, keeping your brand in focus.


Brochure Sites

A brochure site is there to provide some more detail about a business or organisation. It features contact details, and product or service information. The information is usually fairly static, with interactivity limited to contact forms.


eCommerce Sites

This type of site is used to sell things online. For certain businesses, it can be very profitable to be able to accept orders around the clock and in an automated fashion. The goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for customers to make their purchases.


We love working with typography, photography and illustration. Visual communication tends to have more impact than language, especially online, where there is a lot of competition for people's attention.

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Logo Design

Your company’s logo is an important visual ambassador for your brand. If people have a positive experience with your brand, a memorable mark will help generate repeat business and instill trust among your customers.


We can design company email and print stationery based on your logo so that you can ensure consistency across all of your brand’s communication whether you sending email, writing a letter, handing out business cards, or issuing compliment slips.

This includes a style guide for handling the visual identity of the brand. The guide includes the fonts, colours, and suggested spacing for the identity.


Typeface Design

We do unique typeface designs which are perfect for creating a total corporate identity. Larger corporations tend to use unique fonts consistently across their messaging, from marketing to internal memo pads, in order to instill a consistency of identity.

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